No Serious Disagreement


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 12, 2008

`We have always disapproved the complicated policy conducted by the
first government of Armenia and the then President and have been
against their theses, principles and approaches with regard to the
Armenian-Turkish relations. We are deeply convinced that since 1988
Armenia has been pursuing a new national policy course both in the
foreign relations and in domestic life. In this regard, no comparisons
are possible.

I strongly believe that the principles and approaches of Serge
Sargsyan, the new President, are simply the continuation of this
national policy course, and no serious disagreement is possible here.
Certain nuances may naturally differ but this is not only the right of
the President but also the imperative of the given period of time,’
AGHVAN VARDANYAN, member of the ARFD bureau, is convinced.