Armenian youth discuss Abdullah Gul

16:38 12/07/2008


`The President of Turkey will receive Serzh Sargsyan’s invitation and
will visit Armenia if US and Russia support the idea. Otherwise he
won’t receive the invitation,’ said Manuk Sukiasyan, the
representative of `Alternative’ social-political organization.

Mihran Hakobyan, member of Republican Party youth organization, said
that after detailed discussions Turkey will receive the invitation.

`Now Turkey puts its relations with Azerbaijan on scales and on the
other side its possibilities to become a member of European family and
the problem of improving the relationship with Armenia. Hence, to me
the President of Turkey will receive Serzh Sargsyan’s invitation,’ he
said and added `it is under interest of Turkey’.

To the question of what will be the positive results,
Hakobyan said that after that the diplomatic relationship of the two
countries most possibly will start.