Maestro Urges To Release Political Prisoners


11 July, 2008

World-known conductor Ohan Durian was in Northern Avenue today with
his spouse. Despite the poor health and the blazing sun, the maestro
had come to see the sit-down strikers. He was met by the leader of
the "Hanrapetutiun" (Republic) Party, Aram Sarkissian, member of the
political board Suren Abrahamian and other party members.

Ohan Durian embraced Commander of a Shushi Special Battalion Zhirair
Sefilian. He expressed his gladness on seeing Sefilian in freedom.

"Ohan Durian!" chanted the strikers.

"I am here to call on Serzh Sarkissian to release the political
prisoners," said the great maestro who was hardly standing on his feet.

Upon the request of A1+ he shared his opinion about the March
1 unrest. "Our people were subjected to recurrent rape on March
1.Our people want to live in freedom. It is high time we lived like
other civilized nations. We want to have a free and independent
Armenia. That’s all we want. We demand that the authorities
build a democratic country and release the political prisoners
immediately. Serzh Sarkissian is to meet our demand."

Ohan Durian stayed in the avenue about twenty minutes. Then he departed
filled with high hopes about Armenia’s brilliant future and strong
belief that one day we shall have the Armenia we have longed for.