CD Of Ara Gevorgian’s Instrumental Piece "Love Each Other" Released



JU LY 11

A CD of instrumentalist, composer Ara Gevorgian under the title "Love
Each Other" was released in the U.S. As the composer of songs said
at the July 9 press conference, world-famous musicians took part in
recording, national instruments of various peoples were used. "Cultures
of various nations are mixed in this piece. It is an appeal to the
mankind to love each other and to propagate only peace," A.

Gevorgian said. Three video clips have been already shot on the
piece. They will be shown by authoritative TV companies of the world.

The CD cover designed by American-based designer Gagik Hovhannisian
contains an inscription in different languages: Love Each
Other. A. Gevorgian said that he plans to spread disks of this piece
througout the world, but he needs assistance for that. "I make a
proposal of cooperation for disks spreading to everybody," he said.

It was also mentioned that the Yerazart company belonging to Armenians
of Boston works in the direction of presenting this piece to the
Grammy Awards this autumn.

A. Gevorgian has also finished a song under the title "Love Each
Other." Its lyrics is authored by Finn Inka Koapomski. It will be
translated into nearly twenty languages in the future, and the song
will be performed by singers of different nationalities.

The composer of songs also informed that under an agreement signed
with an Australian company a Peace Tour will start from this November
and will last until 2010. Concerts with the participation of Armenian
and foreign musicians will be organized in many countries of the world.