Armenian Genocide Remaining Priority Of National Foreign Policy


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Genocide Recognition

President Sarkisian’s Statement on Armenian-Turkish Joint Commission
Does Not Imply Concessions to Turkey

On June 23 during his meeting with the representatives of the Armenian
community of Moscow president of Armenia Serge Sarkisian said, "The
Turkish side suggests to establish a commission which would study the
historical facts. We are not against it, but only the condition of
opening the Armenia-Turkey border. I plan of taking certain actions
aiming at enhancing the relations between Armenia and Turkey. Most
probably I shall invite president of Turkey Abdullah Gul to Yerevan
in order to watch the football game between Armenia and Turkey."

President Sarkisian repeated the same words during the meeting with
Russian experts on June 24. These statements roused both deliberations
and objections inside Armenia. Levon Ter-Petrosian’s supporters started
various insinuations on the matter and the Armenian Revolutionary
Federation (Dashnaksutiun) and the Democrat Party of Armenia headed
other forces to opposing the President’s position.

The insinuations of Ter-Petrosian supporters were absolutely expected
and predictable, therefore we see no need to comment them. Regarding
the opposition, we would like to mention that it was raised by
anxiety of putting under doubt the internationally accepted fact of
the Armenian Genocide by starting a joint research with Turkey. In
the meanwhile spokesman of the President, Samuel Farmanian stated,
"We are not against any studies, even of widely accepted and obvious
facts. Researching a fact does not mean doubting it."

Foreign Minister of Armenia in addition to this stated that no
commission can hamper the process of international recognition of
the Armenian Genocide. Shortly, the Armenian Genocide remains among
the priorities of the national foreign policy of Armenia.

The debatable statements of Serge Sarkisian can by no means imply
Armenia’s readiness for concessions to Turkey. The international
process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide is developing, the
European countries are coming to a common point of view on that matter;
the question of adopting the Armenian Genocide is considered both by
the US Congress and the Israeli Knesset.

By all means, any concession by Armenia in this matter will not
be accepted either by Europe or the USA, or even by Israel, saying
nothing of the countries that have already recognized the Genocide. The
international public does not expect Armenia to concede to Turkey,
but to start open research of dubitable historic episodes, as figured
out in OSCE statement or President Bush’s April 24 speech.

Serge Sarkisian’s statements in Moscow were meant to meet the earlier
suggestions of the Turkish side and to relieve USA’s and Europe’s
pressure upon Armenia in connection with establishing normal relations
with Turkey. Gul’s visit to Yerevan will not mean immediate opening
of the borders. And with the borders still close, the commission
won’t be established.