BAKU: Political forces condemn Azerbaijan’s participation in mil ex.

Political forces condemn Azerbaijan’s participation in joint military
exercises with Armenia

10.07.2008 17:41

Eldar Sabirglu: "This is the military exercises of US and Georgia, and
Azerbaijan and Armenia are just participants."

Way of Azerbaijan Political Movement released a statement on joint
military exercise of US, UKraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in
Vasiani military base around Tbilisi. The statement says Azerbaijan’s
participation in a joint military exercise with an enemy country causes
misunderstanfing: "It’s for 20 years that Azerbaijan and Armenia have
been in war. We gave ten thousands of martyrs and about a million
Azebaijani citizens have been living as refugees. Hundreds of our
citizens are held in captivity. In such a situation, participation in a
military exercise with Armenian army is incomprehensible."

Defense Ministry spokesman Eldar Sabiroglu told ANS PRESS that
different news agencies made mistake in reports regarding military
exercise in Vasiani military base. "This is a military exercise
organized by US and Georgia and had been planned in advance. Later
Georgia stated the possibility of participation of other countries as
well and the exercise was declared open. Azerbaijan had appealed for
participation in the exercise. Armenia appealed as well. It’s not right
to see it as a joint exercise."

Eldar Sabiroglu laso said military exercises will be held between US
and Azerbaijan in 2009. Azerbaijan will invite suitable countries to
those exercises as well./ANS PRESS/

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