The Extended Geography Of The Golden Apricot


AZG Armenian Daily


It has been already five years that the Golden Apricot Film Festival
is cooperating with diplomatic representations of foreign states in
Armenia and various international organizations. The days of French,
Dutch and German films, for example, have become traditional for the
festival. This year the Golden Apricot cooperates with the Embassies
of the USA, China, Romania, Egypt and Lebanon, and works by filmmakers
from those countries are to take demonstrated.

The cooperation of the Golden Apricot Film Festival with the Embassy of
Italy in Armenia has already a long history. This year a retrospective
demonstration of Michelangelo Antionioni is to be held.

With the assistance of the Lebanese and Egyptian Embassies the
"Arabic Nights" event is to be organized in the frameworks of the
festival. The event will feature works by Egyptian, Palestinian,
Lebanese and Syrian filmmakers. Later on Harutiun Khachatrian’s
"The Return of the Poet" and Vigen Chaldranian’s "The Priestess"
are to be demonstrated during the Alexandria film festival in Egypt.

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