Ter-Petrosyan’s Family Leaves Armenia


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 04, 2008

`Hayots Ashkarh’ has already informed the reader that L. Ter-Petrosyan
will leave Armenia in case his political programs fall flat. And our
prediction is coming true.

According to reliable information, yesterday, on June 3, Mrs. Lyudmila
Ter-Petrosyan, the wife of the leader of the native liberation
movement, Lilit Ter-Petrosyan, his daughter-in-law, and his three
grandchildren left for the United States by the
Yerevan-Paris-Los-Angeles flight. By the way, they all had one-way
tickets, together with a big luggage. One may assume that Mr.
Ter-Petrosyan’s family has left for the United States either for a long
time or forever. And what’s more, this was unknown even to the closest
co-thinkers of the leader.

So, the second stage of the evacuation of Ter-Petrosyan’s family is
over. Let’s note that as a result of the first stage, his son David
Ter-Petrosyan left Armenia in December 2007 and has been living abroad
ever since. First, he left for the United States and then went to the
United Arab Emirates and Russia where he was going to settle the bank
accounts of his family and transfer the major part of the existing sums
to the bank accounts opened in the United States.

Besides, David Ter-Petrosyan has started implementing serious business
programs in Los Angeles. He has already managed to buy a private house
and has no intention to return to Armenia.

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