Millennium Challenges To Continue Watching Situation In Armenia


June 28, 2008

The Millennium Challenges Corporation will go on following up the
situation in Armenia to draw a conclusion on possible continuation of
its program, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for democracy,
human rights and labor David Kramer told journalists in Yerevan.

The USA had made a statement on possible termination of the Millennium
Challenges program for total of 235mln dollars in Armenia due to the
democratic situation after the March unrest in Yerevan.

Fair and sound management is one of the principles of Millennium
Challenges program and the March events gave rise to concerns about
this, Kramer said.

Armenia’s return to the democratic path will ensure the continuation
of the program, he added.

The program of the American "Millennium Challenges" Corporation started
in Armenia on September 29 2006. Under the agreement signed on March
27 2006 Armenian Government is to receive a grant for $235mln during
five years. The grant means are to be used for reconstruction of
rural roads and irrigation systems.

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