Independent Mp Lyova Khachatrian Comes Out Of Staff Of Na Ad Hoc Com



JU NE 25

Lyova Khachatrian, an independent MP of the RA National Assembly, has
decided to stop his membership in the Ad Hoc Commission formed for
the study of the events, which took place in Yerevan on March 1-2,
and their reasons. He made this statement in the June 24 sitting of
the commission.

As Samvel Nikoyan, the Chairman of the Commission and the Secretary
of the Republican Party of Armenia faction of the National Assembly,
stated after the sitting, the MP has motivated his decision with the
desire to contribute to the neutralization of the negative attitude
being formed with regard to the commission, taking into consideration
the already existing speculations, according to which "he cannot be
unbiassed being a close friend of Aghvan Hovsepian, the Prosecutor
General of the Republic of Armenia."

It should be mentioned that in difference to the representatives of the
factions of the National Assembly, the election of an independent MP
in the staff of the commission is made through ballot in the plenary
sitting of the National Assembly.

Samvel Nikoyan stated that the main issue of the sitting was the
regulations of the commission, which was adopted by consensus. For
the first time the sitting was attended by Sargis Muradkhanian, the
Deputy Chairman of the extra-parliamentary "National Unity" party, and
Artavazd Vardanian, the representative of Vazgen Manukian, the Chairman
of the National Democratic Union party and a former candidate running
for presidency. Among the extra-parliamentary political forces invited
to take part in the proceedings of the commission with the right of
the deliberative vote the United Labour Party as well has officially
responded. This party will be represented in the commission by its
chairman Gurgen Arsenian. It was also mentioned that the commission
has no information about the official responses of the other invited
parties. In connection with the statement of Levon Ter-Petrosian, the
first President of the Republic of Armenia, according to which "his
representative is the Gevorik from the National Movement of Armenia,"
Samvel Nikoyan said "may he come and take part", the commission is
not against at all and "attaches importance to the participation
of everybody."

In the near future the commission intends to turn to the
extra-parliamentary forces not included in its structure and the
non-governmental organizations, which make part of the civil society,
in order to make more exact the list of the questions to be addressed
to the corresponding state bodies. It has also been decided to apply
to Armen Haroutiunian, the RA Human Rights Defender, with a suggestion
on taking part in the proceedings of the commission.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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