Territorial Tourism. Developing Perspectives


14:06 24/06/2008

Today in Yerevan international two-day conference "The Best Practices
of Tourism, Informational and Communicational Technologies and
Business Services" is held to combine all the specialists of tourism
and informational technology. It is held with an assistance of US

Participants of the conference are about to follow the offers and
advice of international experts and widen the cooperation. As Artak
Ghazaryan, assistant director of CAPS project, interviewed the spheres
of informational technology and tourism and high quality of delivering
services are of great importance for the country`s development. He
says that the measure will give a chance to discuss many problems
and make real projects for the territorial development. Many experts
from Georgia, USA, Eastern Europe, who have great experience in this
field, are taking part in it. The proceeding conference was held in
Montenegro and has already given results.

Ghazaryan hopes that this one will also be effective and allow
realizing joint projects in South Caucus. He notified that today
in this sphere of tourism the creation of joint projects and their
realizations as well as cooperation of tour-operators are in progress.

So the result of tour-operator`s cooperation is that tourists can
visit Armenia, Georgia and other countries. Ghazaryan is sure that
it will assist not only the development of territorial tourism,
but also the increase of tourist numbers.

The assistant director of the project reminded that the tourism
developing conception is already ready and the National project is in
process according to which Armenia will become the centre of resting
place. The national developing conception in the sphere of territorial
tourism is also in process of creation. According to A. GHazaryan this
project supposes progresses in Armenian economy and in cooperation
in the sphere of territorial tourism.

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