8,095 Entrant-School Leavers Take United Examination In Foreign Lang


Noyan Tapan

Ju ne 17, 2008

YEREVAN, JUNE 17, NOYAN TAPAN. 8,095 entrant-school leavers took the
last united final and university entrance examination – the foreign
language examination at 39 test centers of Armenia and Artsakh on
June 17. Out of the indicated number of examinees, 7,801 took an
examination on English, 564 – on German, 514 – on French, 22 – on
Spanish, and 4 persons took an examination on Italian. The examination
lasted 2.5 hours.

The RA minister of education and science Spartak Seyranian toured
some test centers of Yerevan in the morning. In his words, all the
examinations went well, no problems arose, only a few "lapses" were
quickly removed. "The most important thing is results which will be
known in a few days," the minister said.

"The accessibility and quality of tests is taken into account during
their preparation. After an exam, a group of experts analyses the test
at the Evaluation and Test Center (ETC) in order to find lapses and
omissions," the ETC director Manuk Mkrtchian said. For example, the
questions of the last task in the Russian language examination’s 4th
version required a mathematical solution, as a result of which all the
4 answers were considered as correct. So, according to M. Mkrtchian,
0.25 points were given for all the answers of this task.

The correct answers of today’s examination are available at the website
of the ETC and the RA ministry of education and science since 3 pm.

Although the examinations by the united system are over, those who
were absent from examinations, demobilized servicemen and entrants
from Javakhk will take additional examinations: Armenian language
– on July 4, Russian language – July 6, mathematics – July 8, and
foreign language – on July 10.


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