Examination Of Criminal Case On Fact Of Levon Gulian’s Death To Be R


Noyan Tapan

Ju ne 6, 2008

YERAVAN, JUNE 6, NOYAN TAPAN. On June 6, the general jurisdiction court
of Yeravan’s Kentron and Nork-Marash communities, presided over by the
judge Gagik Avetisian, made a judgement to invalidate the decision
to quash the criminal case on the fact of citizen Levon Gulian’s
death. The court also made a decision to resume the examination of
the case. The general jurisdiction court’s decision can be appealed
against at the RA Appeal Criminal Court in a 10-day term from the
moment of proclamation.

The claimant party, lawyer Hrayr Ghukasian, the representative of
legal successor of L. Gulian, who died on May 12, 2007 in the RA
Police Criminal Investigation Department building in non-clarified
circumstances, said in his interview to journalists that "this can be
considered the first positive step in the examination of this case in
general," however it is not enough to completely achieve a positive
result, as the court decision just "gives a new start to the case and
will oblige the competent bodies to properly examine the case again."

The respondent party, RA Special Investigation Service investigator
Gabriel Petrosian and RA General Prosecutor’s Office’s senior
prosecutor Zelim Tadevosian, was not present at the proclaiming of
the final part of the judicial act.

It should be mentioned that the case on L. Gulian’s death had been
examined at Yerevan Prosecutor’s Office, and after the formation of
the RA Special Investigation Service it was passed to that structure
for examination.

Senior investigator on especially important cases of the RA Special
Investigation Service Petrosian on March 12 made a decision to quash
the criminal case by the motivation of lack of corpus delicti, by the
decision of senior posecutor of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office
Zelim Tadevosian on March 26 the complaint of the representatives
of the legal successor of the aggrieved party Aram Karakhanian and
Hrayr Ghukasian against quashing the case was rejected.


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