Armenia’s Public Council to be Formed by Sept

Armenia’s Public Council to be Formed by Sept

YEREVAN, May 30. /ARKA/. The RA Public Council is to be formed by
September, RA Presidential Advisor Garnik Isaghulyan told reporters.

He pointed out that the President advanced the initiative to form the
council when the national security strategy was being elaborated. The
strategy indicated the necessity for an organ to establish contacts
between the public and government authorities.

Isaghulyan pointed out that the issue of forming the council was not
raised because of the current political situation in Armenia.

`The current domestic political situation only suggests that the
Council should in the best way possible consider the viewpoints of the
political forces that have no platforms to speak from. They are
primarily the extraparliamentary political forces, public organizations
expressing their criticism, individual public figures,’ Isaghulyan said

He pointed out that the council will carry out independent activities.

`It will be an advisory body entitled to discuss and express its
viewpoint on any bill that will be submitted to the Parliament, as well
as on the presidential decrees of great public importance,’ Isaghulyan

He stressed that the Council’s viewpoint on issues of state importance
will be open to the public
No one can interfere in the Council’s activities, but its viewpoint
will be of importance, Isaghulyan said.

He pointed out that the activities of a task group, as well as the
place for its working meetings, are being discussed. He said that
representatives of Armenia’s mass media are expected to be involved in
the Council.

`I think that the Council’s activities will be efficient,’ Isaghulyan

The task group of the Public Council is expected to include
representatives of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political
forces, NGOs, ex-presidents, the presidential candidates in the latest
election, workers of art and culture, scientists and sports workers.

The RA Public Council will consider all the issues of state importance,
analyze bills, by-laws, presidential decree. The Council will state
advisory opinions. -0-

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