Lusakert Poultry Factory Considered Entity with Dominating Position


YEREVAN, MAY 27, NOYAN TAPAN. At the May 27 sitting, the RA State
Commission on Protection of Economic Competition considered Dvin
Holding – Azotinvest group as an entity with a dominating position in
the nitrogent fertilizer market and put it on the register of economic
entities with a dominating position. By a 2004 decision of the
Commission, Dvin Holding was also recognized as an entity having a
dominating position in the indicated market.

The studies in 2007 showed that last year 4 economic entities operating
in the indicated market imported 25.2 tons of nitrogen fertilizer into
Armenia and sold 32.7 tons in the country.

By another decision of the Commission, Lusakert Poultry Factory was
once again considered as an entity with a dominating position. The
company was recognized an entity with a dominating position in 2003 as
well, whereas in March 2007, the company applied to the Commission with
the request to revise its decision on its dominating position as some
changes had occurred in the market.

According to a study, in 2007 1.8 mln eggs were imported into Armenia,
219.8 mln eggs were produced by 11 economic entities, sales made 206.6
million, exports – 2.02 million. The following 3 economic entities had
the largest shares in sales: Lusakert Poultry Factory (42.5%), Arzni
Poultry Factory (29.7%) and Yerevan Poultry Factory (13.7%). Thus
Lusakert Poultry Factory retained its dominating position. However,
during the Commission’s sitting, the representative of the company
asked to postpone the discussion as he intends to present some
important data. The discussion of the issue has been postponed.

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