Slovakia: Those Who Decline Genocide Will Be Imprisoned

19:53 26/05/2008

Till the end of this year the Parliament of Slovakia will make
correspondent legislative changes and reforms by defining imprisonment
for those who decline Armenian Genocide, said the deputy Prime
Minister and the Minister of Justice of Slovakia Stephan Harrapin
in Yerevan. According to him in January-February 2009 the norm will
be implemented.

S. Harrapin said that there is a law in Slovakia which defines a
punishment for those who decline Holocaust.

The Parliament will make reforms by using the same point of punishment
for the other genocides.

Note that according to the law declining of Armenian Genocide by
a citizen of Slovakia and by anyone in the territory of Slovakia
will define 5 years imprisonment. According to Harrapin even if the
punishment is too strict every democratic country should treat the
question like that.

Remind: the fact of condemning Armenian Genocide was adopted by the
Parliament of Slovakia in 2004.

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