Armenia Is Ready To Continue Negotiations On Karabakh Issue On Basis


Noyan Tapan

Ma y 22, 2008

YEREVAN, MAY 22, NOYAN TAPAN. Armenia is ready to continue the
negotiations on the regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh problem on
the basis of the suggestions, which were made by the co-Chairmen of
the OSCE Minsk Group in Madrid.

This statement was made by Eduard Nalbandian, the RA Minister of
Foreign Affairs, in his interview with the "Right of Speech" program of
the Armenian second TV chanel. "We believe that those suggestions are a
serious basis and we can find a solution on the basis of the latters,
we will take that very way and try our best so as the negotiation
process continues and brings peace to the two countries and the two
peoples, as we are neighbour countries and should live in solidarity
and peace," the Minister said.

Eduard Nalbandian mentioned that it is impossible to settle any
conflict if the agitation against each other continues. As an agitation
expression hindering the negotiation process, he cited the results
of the polls of public opinion conducted recently in Azerbaijan: 82
percent of Azerbaijanis has a negative opinion about the activities of
the co-Chairmen of the Minsk Group and the 29 percent of the population
believes that a military solution of the problem is possible. "We
cannot invite negotiators on the one hand, ask them to support the
negotiation process and at the same time criticize them every day:
I do not speak about persons, the following countries are being
criticized: the United States of America, Russia, France," the RA
Minister of Foreign Affairs finds. And the 29 percent, which finds
that a military solution is possible, "is a rather dangerous index,
though there were commentaries made on why we are so pacifist, why
only 29 percent and not more, it is very difficult to imagine another
country, where 29 percent can be for a war." The RA MInister of Foreign
Affairs believes that it is a result of an every-day agitation: " The
agitation should be stopped in order to make it possible to create a
corresponding atmosphere to continue the negotiations in a right way,
to create an atmosphere of mutual confidence and keep away from any
steps that can hinder the process or create a situation where it will
be difficult to think of any results at all."

In response to the question of how often he will communicate with
mass media representatives, the Minister gave a brief answer:
"As often as I have time."