"Situation In Country Is Still Strained And Crisis Is Not Overcome,"


Noyan Tapan

Ma y 16, 2008

YEREVAN, MAY 16, NOYAN TAPAN. "2.5 months have passed after the
March 1 events, however, the situation in the country is still the
same and the crisis has not been overcome," Stepan Demirchian, the
Leader of the People’s Party of Armenia, mentioned during his meeting
with journalists held on May 16. According to him, an independent
and unbiased investigation is necessary for the elimination of the
consequences of the March 1 events and it should be found out who
has ordered to use weapon against peaceful demonstrators.

In the opinion of Stepan Demirchian, the authorities are not
implement the demands of the resolution passed by the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) as yet. In particular, the
political prisoners have not been set free so far, which is one of
the preconditions for starting a dialogue with the authorities by
the opposition. And the main subject of that dialogue will be the
holding of extra state elections.

Stepan Demirchian mentioned that the opposition will continue to reach
its goals in a legal way. Their numerous applications for receiving
permission for holding rallies have been turned down. According to
Stepan Demirchian, no essential changes have been made in the new
government and the impression is that it is the third election of
the former president.

Referring to the issue concerning the non-participation of the
opposition in the elections of 4 mayors to be held in the capital,
Stepan Demirchian mentioned that the law on "Yerevan" should have
been adopted instead of those elections.

As regards the suggestion of Levon Ter-Petrosian on forming "Armenian
National Congress", Stepan Demirchian mentioned that it is early to
speak about that, though he welcomed the unification of political
forces and the amalgamation of parties.


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