Sirusho of Armenia Astonishes At Eurovision Rehersal

HULIQ (press release), NC
May 16 2008

Sirusho of Armenia Astonishes At Eurovision Rehersal

Eurovision 2008 rehersals are continuing in Belgrade ahead of next
week’s Eurovision 2008 song contest and the first three participants
to rehearse today at the Belgrade Arena were Sirusho of Armenia, the
Hind from the Netherlands and the Finnish rockers of Teräsbetoni.

According to first rehearsal of the day was Armenia’s
Sirusho, who astonished everyone at her first rehearsal last Monday
and her great performance at the party thrown by the Russian
delegation at the Euroclub.

Sirusho and her three backing dancers once again delivered a steady
performance, opening with the dancers entangled around Sirusho’s legs,
making Sirusho wave in the air when she stoops.

Sirusho did not wear her final outfit for the semi-final on the 20th
of May, but it was revealed by a person from the Armenian delegation:
Sirusho’s dress is classy, sexy and shiny. During the rehearsal, fire
was blowing up from the stage and the pyrotechnics were tried
out. Given the expressions on Sirusho and her dancers’ faces, it was
seeming like they were quite content with rehearsals. Later at the
press conference, Sirusho and the Armenian delegation expressed their
satisfaction with today’s rehearsal.

Furthermore, Sirusho told the fans and accredited press that there had
been some security issues regarding some of the elements which were
supposed to be used in the act. Sirusho explained that this of course
is unfortunate, but it does not matter because in the end it is the
vocal perfomance that counts.

Sirusho’s dress will be designed by famous Russian designer Igor
Chapurin, who is well-known in Paris, Moscow, New York, Tokyo,
etc. The dresses for the rehearsals and press-conferences are acquired
from Dolce & Gabbana prete-a-porter collection and Armenian designer
Kivera Naynomis, more known as Arevik Simonyan, reports Eurovision’s
Armenian website.

Sirusho is ranking on Top three levels of major online bookmakers’
sites as the favorite to win this year’s Eurovision 2008 song

Visit our previous story on this topic to listen to Sirusho’s
performance of Kele Kele that will be presented in Eurovision 2008.

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