Who The Hell Are You?

By Kay Azadabeen

Kurdish Aspect
May 14 2008

According to a humorist, one of our relatively respectable senators
had been portrayed to be confused about the Iraqis while needing
a nap. Although tired, he was awake enough not to confuse Shiites
and Sunnis with the Kurds. A main advantage for the Kurds during the
Iraq war has been to be known as they are, non-sectarian, religiously
neutral, and ethnically distinct.

The uninformed senator responded to the question if the Kurds confuse
him the way Shiite and Sunnis do. He simply responded "who the hell
are the Kurds?" For a few minutes I was disappointed in his statement
and than realized he is not to blame but the Kurds themselves. I
think he deserves to hear from the Kurds who the hell they are.

Many Kurds have been in hell for too long. The senator might have
intended to ask the Kurds of which hell, instead of who the hell are
the Kurds. As an experienced politician he must know there are two
Arab hells, a Turkish ,and Persian one for the Kurds. In these hells
many Kurds have been prisoners of war, a traumatic experience that
the senator is familiar with.

In the Iraqi hell over 180000 Kurds were killed by the Ba’ath
regime. In the Syrian hell many Kurds still have no citizenship and are
treated brutally by one of the member states of the so called "axis of
evil". In the Persian hell, a main center of the so called "religious
fascism", many Kurds have been bombed, hanged, and assassinated. In the
Turkish hell, the Kurds have gone through similar cultural and ethnic
genocide as Armenians went through. Despite denial of their rights to
be equal with their neighbors, the majority of the Kurds have lived
in peace with their Turkish, Arab, and Persian neighbors. However,
a minority of them have responded to force with force, something that
the senator must be familiar with.

In all of the four hellish states the determined Kurds, who do not
accept anything less than self determination and the freedom of
learning their own language at public schools, have been labeled as
separatist by the states that have separated and divided them between
themselves. The leaders of these hells treat the Kurds the way Russian
leaders treated other nations before the collapse of the Soviet empire,
or the way the British Kings treated their colonies in America before
1776, something that the senator must be familiar with.

Despite their betrayal by some American corporations many Kurds
still trust the American people as they share their dreams. They have
recognized that without the approval of the liberated Americans, the
captive nations of the world have a much harder time to be liberated
in this era. They are watching American leaders carefully and support
those who support them, whether it is a traumatized, experienced, and
forceful prisoner of war, a caring mother, spouse, and free woman,
or an energetic, intelligent, and progressive black man. If any of
them don’t take the Kurdish dream for liberty and justice seriously,
the Kurds would respond to them who the hell are you.


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