Coalition Members Shouldn’t Step Aside

Gevorg Harutyunyan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on May 14, 2008

Interview with RPA deputy leader, MP Razmik Zohrabyan.

"Responding to Ter-Petrosyan’s accusations in his address, in his
interview given to "MEDIAMAX" agency Robert Kocharyan called them
"bizarre statements" and hoped that the Committee to be established
by the demand of the Council of Europe as well, will reveal the
whole truth.

Don’t you think that, had this truth been already revealed the main
organizer of the coup wouldn’t dare to be carried off too far?"

"Before touching upon the question I would like to express my own
opinion regarding Robert Kocharyan’s activity and his personality. This
is the right time to do so, because his term of office is over.

Robert Kocharyan is a real Armenian and a good citizen. During the
ten years of his presidency he pursued a very efficient and right
policy. Especially during the last days of his term of office, when the
pre-election and post-election developments created social tension,
Robert Kocharyan confirmed, that he is a state-oriented political
figure and a champion of the maintenance of Armenian civilization.

In response to your question I would like firstly to confirm that Levon
Ter-Petrosyan is the main author of the tension during the pre-election
campaign, and the collision with the law enforcers, on March 1,
after the summary of the election returns. Today he still continues
his ruining and provocative actions. He even used the anniversary of
the Genocide of Armenians for his own political purposes, whereas,
those who had "little role" in instigating it, are under detention.

No matter how much Levon Ter-Petrosyan will try to justify himself,
beyond a shadow of a doubt he is the only blameworthy for what
happened. He is the one who initiated and organized the movement to
dismantle the state. He misled many honest and naïve people, but
he doesn’t even want to shoulder the responsibility of what happened
with these people."

"In your opinion can we consider the version of the "house arrests"
as a justification of a coward to evade responsibility?"

"The acting law and my own information, testify to the fact that
Levon Ter-Petrosyan has not been under "home arrest" and he had all
the chances to go to the street and lead the people gathered in front
of the Municipality. He was well aware that lots of people were armed
there, and that the scuffle and collision was unavoidable. He thought
only about his personal security, that’s why he didn’t appear there.

In this regard it is senseless to accuse Robert Kocharyan. If Levon
Ter-Petrosyan really had certain ideas and principles, if he was guided
by the interests of the people and the country, nothing could prevent
him from being with the people. But he didn’t, because he was feeling
that his security was in danger."

"How would you explain the fact that only the President, the ruling
power and the Republican Party and not the coalition parties are the
target of the movement headed by LTP and the latter himself?"

"In my opinion it is a strategic step. They have chosen one
political figure and one political power not to become a target for
others. Meanwhile, in terms of political activity, of course we have
formed a coalition with "Bargavach Hayastan", "Orinats Yerkir", and
ARFD, taking into account the political stances of these parties. But
in the created situation in my view our coalition partners shouldn’t
step aside and they must publish their political estimations.

I don’t think the accusations made in the address of the Republican
Party and the government, are not related to our coalition partners
as well.

In the coalition agreement all the parties committed themselves to
certain obligations. If they don’t respond to their criticism they
can create an impression that they want to avoid this criticism by
their passive posture.

According to the latest announcements the process of the combination of
powers have started in the pro-oppositional domain. The combination of
powers is very important in the government camp, not only to confront
the political pressure of the opposition, but also to implement
our program.

In my view their purpose to establish a congress or a new party is a
psychological nuance. Thus they intend to get rid of the image of the
Armenian Pan National Movement. But we shouldn’t overlook one fact,
until this congress or the new party is headed by Levon Ter-Petrosyan;
this means Armenian Pan National Movement is in the center of this
power. They will never manage to cheat our people."

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