Shirak Torosyan: "Georgian Armenians May Grow Impatient"

16:32 13/05/2008

Shirak Torosyan the chairman of "Javakhq" union and the NA deputy
said that there are no serious reforms carried out in the social
and economic life of Georgian Armenians. "The problems which were
much talked about still exist," he said in a press conference,
today. According to the deputy the ongoing pre-election mood influences
on the social and political life of Georgian Armenians.

The main difference is that according to the new adopted law the
number of deputies in Georgian Parliament is cut from previous
235 to 150. Hence, not a single opposition or governmental
body has recommended a deputy protecting the rights of Georgian
Armenians. According to him minimum two and maximum four Armenian
deputies will enter Georgian Parliament.

Torosyan mentioned that Georgia has adopted Armenians banishment
policy. The road linking Armenia with Georgia is in furious
conditions. Sometimes the aids provided to Javakhq meet obstacles
while arriving.

There are problems at the border customs units every time. "I’m sure
that one day the Georgian Armenians may grow impatient, if serious
measures are taken to meet the problem," he said.

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