Diplomats Dismissed From Foreign Ministry Intend To Appeal To The Co


2008-05-12 18:27:00

ArmInfo. On 14 May Administrative Court will hear the case on the
diplomats dismissed from the Foreign Ministry in February 2008,
lawyer Levon Baghdasaryan said at Friday Club. To recall, a group
of Ambassadors, including deputy foreign minister Armen Bayburdyan,
on February 23 made speeches during the opposition rallies in the
Liberty Square on 23 February.

The next day a group of diplomats and employees of the Foreign
Ministry made another statements. Both the statements were
perceived as political and all those who signed the statements were
dismissed. However, a group of diplomats believes that they were
dismissed illegally and intend to apply to the court for restoration
of their positions.

L. Baghdasaryan said that if the Administrative Court does not
satisfy their appeal, the case will be submitted to the next instance
court. The lawyer said that they will appeal even to the European
Court for Human Rights if need arises.

For his part, the former press-secretary of the Foreign Ministry
Vladimir Karapetyan said that none of the points in the notorious
statement contradict the stance of the official authorities. ‘We
are sure we did not violate the law and we intend to prove it in the
court’, V. Karapetyan said.

He intends to speak at the court personally. Asked if it means
that he disagreed with the policy of the former Foreign Minister
Vardan Oskanyan, Vladimir Karapetyan categorically refuted the
supposition. He stressed that before 24 February 2008 ‘the policy
was right and considerably increased the authority of Armenia’.

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