EuroVision: Bulgaria, Armenia and Belarus in Kalomira farewell party, Netherlands
May 11 2008

Bulgaria, Armenia and Belarus in Kalomira’s farewell party

The farewell party organised for Kalomira by OGAE Greece proved to be
the most successful of its kind in the country so far. Hundreds of
Eurofans gathered at the Aftokinisi Club in Athens on Thursday to wish
Kalomira good luck in Belgrade and meet the special guests who
included past Greek entrants as well as four if this year’s
contestants in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bessy Argyraki and Robert Williams, who together with Paschalis and
Marianna Toli, placed fifth for Greece in 1977 with Mathema Solfege as
well as Marianna Efstratiou (Greece 1989, 1996) were the Greek guests
of honour at the hugely successful party organised by OGAE Greece to
bid farewell to this year’s Eurovision contestant. Also present was
Dafni Bokota, the Greek commentator from 1987-2004.

The representatives of Armenia, Belarus and Bulgaria were also present
as guests of honour. First arrived, Dj Balthazar and Joanna straight
from their appearance on MAD TV. They were warmly welcomed by the fans
and they seemed to be enjoying the party thoroughly, singing along the
Eurovision entries played by DJ Antonis Karatzikos who was also the
host of the party as president of OGAE Greece. Next to arrive was
Sirusho together with a team of Armenians residing in Greece, followed
by Ruslan Alehno. Soon they were all surrounded by cameras as many TV
crews were present to interview them. They all sang and danced
together in what seemed a large, international party.

Last to arrive was Kalomira, escorted by Kostas Pantzis, Poseidonas
Giannopoulos (the composer and lyricist of Secret Combination) and
Kostas Kapetanidis, who will be directing Kalomira in Belgrade. As
soon as she arrived it was time for the show to start. All four
performed in alphabetical order to a cheering crowd.

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