"Eurovision 2009" In Armenia


16:39 10/05/2008

According to the internet poll results Armenian singer Sirusho leads
the list of the participants in "Eurovision 2008". The official
web site of the competition reports that to the question "where
will Eurovision 2009 take place" the majority of voters answered in
Armenia. According to the poll results 39% voted for the Armenian

Russia is in the second place. Dima Bilan will present Russia in the
competition. 25% of voters voted for him. Azerbaijan follows Russia
by 24%. Ukraine got 4% and Ireland and Belarus gained 2% each.

According to the internet vote results Turkish and Azeri fans could
feel hopeless, irrespective of the fact that they announced their
representatives are the best. Note that last year Turkey gave the
highest mark – 12 scores to Armenia. According to the rules of the
competition the member countries are not allowed to vote one for
another. This approach has been widely spread in recent years. It
means that Turkey can’t vote for Azerbaijan and opposite, Slovak
nations can’t vote for each other and Balkans also.

Remind: It is the third year Armenia takes part in Eurovision. First
two singers presenting Armenia in the competition were Andre and
Hayko. They both gained eighth horizontal.

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