Shoushi liberated without approval of senior leadership of Armenia

Shoushi liberated without the approval of the senior leadership of
06.05.2008 15:41

The exceptional military operation of Shoushi liberation was carried
out without the approval of the senior leadership of Armenia, since the
number of Armenian troops deployed in that part of the front made
impossible the realizations of such a complex operation.

Hero of the Karabakh war, organizer and commander of the operation of
Shoushi’s liberation Arcady Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos) told a press
conference today that the Armenian authorities realize pretty well that
according to all rules of military art, the organization of such an
operation with the available means could result in many losses.

`Azeris had 2 500 soldiers in Shoushi. We had only 3 500 soldiers along
40 km of the frontline. However, it is clear that the attacking side
should have at least thrice as many troops as the defending side. We
needed at least 7 500 people, and 10 000 for the Shoushi operation, so
we were not ready to liberate Shoushi. The Armenian authorities
realized that, that is why they did not want to risk,’ Arcady
Ter-Tadevosyan said.

However, the liberation of Shoushi was a question of life or death,
since it was the point from where the enemy was bombarding capital
Stepanakert every day. For that reason, according to Arcady
Ter-Tadevosyan, the commanders of more than 80 detachments under his
command were demanding to carry out the risky military operation.

`The liberation of Shoushi is their achievement, the result of their
heroism, since only under their pressure I applied to the Head of the
NKR Defense Committee Serzh Sargsyan, who ordered to carry out the
operation,’ the legendary Commandos added.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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