Detained without explanation


[07:10 pm] 06 May, 2008

Yesterday RA citizen 31 year-old Gegham Harutyunian
was taken to Malatia-Sebastia Police station with no

`At about 8.30 three people, one of which was in a
police uniform, came to our place and took my son. My
wife was at home but they didn’t tell her anything’,
Misha Harutyunian, detained Gegham Harutyunian’s
father informed `A1+’.

Learning about the incident Misha Harutyunian went to
Malatia-Sebastia police station, where he was told his
son would be set free in 2 hours. `I have been waiting
by now. My son is still there. Can’t I know why my son
is arrested? What a country it is!’

Today Misha Harutyunian had to turn to the `Heritage’
Party members with a request to find out where his son
is and why he was taken into custody.

Member of the `Heritage’ Party Zaruhi Postanjian
informs: `It is evidently an illegal act. I had a talk
with Harutyunian, Deputy Chief Officer of
Malatia-Sebastia police station, and according to him
Gegham Harutyunian was taken to the police department
only this morning. He was inquired as a witness and
was taken to the Department of Special Investigations
for further inquiry.’

`Why shouldn’t he be in freedom if he is only a
witness? Why can’t he hire a lawyer? Why aren’t his
parents informed where he is?’, notices Zaruhi

In reply to the journalist’s question if his son had
taken part in the opposition rallies, Misha
Harutyunian answered: `Is there anyone who has not?’

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