Successful Foreign Policy Only In Vitue Of Public Support

By Marietta Khachatrian

AZG Armenian Daily

Foreign policy

Newly appointed Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian answered the
questions of the journalists in the National Assembly, on April
30. Before it, in NA hall was criticized absence of details of RA
foreign policy in the program of the government. To the question of
"Azg" daily about it Foreign Minister mentioned that RA President
carries out general foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia. The
program also mentions that foreign policy will be carried out together
with RA President corresponding to the terms of the strategy of
national security. And repetition of the strategic terms would only
increase the volume of the program.

According to E. Nalbandian, Foreign Ministry will always present
foreign policy issues to the public to discuss them and get the public
support as successful foreign policy can be carried out only in virtue
of public support.

To the question if it was right to adopt a statement on Nagorno
Karabakh in the National Assembly, when by the way was criticized the
policy accomplished until now, E. Nalbandian answered, "I think that
we have passed a fair way in the process of Karabakh issue settlement
and as a proof there are draft proposals on the table presented by
the Minsk Group. It is a result of long-lasting efforts and we should
continue the process based on those proposals. But our readiness is
not enough; Azerbaijan should also express readiness".

On May 6, Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign Ministers are to meet
in Strasbourg. Maybe it is a cognitive meeting but E. Nalbandian
hopes that it will be a meaningful meeting and after the meeting,
the parties will announce that the negotiations will be continued.

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