"Statement Of RA NA On NKR Reflects Retreating Policy," Representati


Noyan Tapan
April 30, 2008

YEREVAN, APRIL 30, NOYAN TAPAN. Two events connected with the Republic
of Nagorno Karabakh took place during the current four-day sittings
of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. This statement
was made by Stepan Safarian, a member of the Zharangutiun (Heritage)
faction, in the parliament on April 29.

Reminding that the parliament refused to include the bill drafted by
Raffi Hovhannisian, the Head of the given faction, on the recognition
of the independence of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh on the agenda
on the previous day, the MP stressed the significance of the draft in
terms of preventing undesirable phenomena in the negotiation process,
using the precedent of the international recognition of Kosovo in
the interests of Nagorno Karabakh and strengthening the security
guarantees of Nagorno Karabakh.

Touching upon the statement adopted on April 29 on the "Regulation of
the Nagorno Karabakh problem", which was drafted by Tigran Torosian,
the Speaker of the National Assembly, Stepan Safarian mentioned that
"the adoption of a statement reflecting such a cowardly, retreating
policy by the National Assembly" does not advance the interntional
recognition of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh or the process of its
security strengthening for even a step. He persuaded his colleagues
"to keep away from the temptation of drafting and monopolizing issues
and think from the point of view of the national interests."

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