Ter Petrosian’s Partisans In Constitutional And European Courts

By Gohar Gevorgian

AZG Armenian Daily

Post-election crisis

After March incidents, Levon Ter-Petrosian partisan political forces
and organizations 26 times informed the Municipality about holding
rallies and demonstrations and were rejected, announced member of
Ter-Petrosian campaign office Manushak Petrosian.

She informed that they had applied to Administrative Court to
dispute Municipality decisions. As the court dismissed the action,
they applied to the Constitutional Court.

As it was informed before, Center of National Movement has decided
to apply to European Court. Manushak Grigorian and their lawyer Vahe
Grigorian mentioned that the claim is in preparatory stage and is
not lodged yet. "We need foreign experts’ advice. We take steps in
that direction", he added.

Manushak Petrosian announced that on May 2 Second Congress of National
Movement will be held in conference-hall of the government, and the
initiators of the movement will assess what happened during the course
of the last events.