PM: plan of actions TBD based on structural changes in Government

Further plan of actions to be specified based on structural changes in
Armenia’s government: RA PM

2008-04-26 13:21:00

ArmInfo. Based on the structural changes in Armenia’s government, the
further plan of actions will be specified, RA Prime Minister Tigran
Sarkisyan told journalists.

"I think that the most important thing is to attract the public
attention to the priorities designated in the government’s programme,
and to the primary issues set forth by RA president. These are rather
challenging programmes, and consolidation of the society is required to
fulfill them. It is necessary for the people to believe in feasibility
of these programmes", T. Sarkisyan said. He added that the government
will carry out a work on upgrading of the development programme for
2008 and will include new provisions in it, having excluded the old
ones concerning the programmes, which have already been fulfilled.

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