UAR Calls On Ambassadors To Boycott Turkish Embassy Reception


24.04.2008 13:45 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The Youth Association of the Union of Armenians
of Russia considers the April 24 reception at the Turkish Embassy
deliberate sacrilege and calls on ambassadors to boycott the event
outraging the memory of 1.5 million of innocent victims of the
Armenian Genocide.

PanARMENIAN.Net received the Association’s statement, which says,
"April 24 is the Day of Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. On
that very day the best sons of the Armenian nation were arrested
and brutally killed. Realizing their plan of ethnic cleansing,
the Turkish authorizes issued a decree on total extermination of
Armenians in their historical homeland – Western Armenia. Over 1.5
million of Armenians were slaughtered. Turks had no mercy for women,
children and elders. Those who survived found shelter in various
countries. The territory of Western Armenia, which 10 times exceeded
the territory of modern Armenia, remained deserted.

The international community condemned this outrageous crime against
humanity. State bodies of Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland,
Belgium, Uruguay, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Ital, Argentina, Slovakia,
Poland and Venezuela recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

Meanwhile, Turkey avoids responsibility for the crime it committed
93 years ago.

Genocide is a crime against humanity that doesn’t have time
limitation. Through condemnation only, we can prevent repetition of
such crimes.

Organization of a reception on April 24, the mourning day, is
nothing but sacrilege. We do call on you to refuse participation
in a provocative event meant to offend the memory of 1.5 million of
innocent victims."

The above mentioned reception is organized by the Turkish ambassador,
who is completing his mission in Russia.

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