The Rich Field Of Unused Potentials

Lilit Poghosyan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on April 22, 2008

In response to our questions, LARISA ALAVERDYAN, member of "Heritage"
parliamentary faction and Head of the RA-NKR inter-parliamentary
committee, details the mosaic and the results of the meetings held
in Stepanakert under the leadership of Tigran Torosyan.

"What problems were touched upon with the new leadership of the
Nagorno Karabakh Republic? What are your general impressions of
those meetings?"

"These were really working meetings. In particular, with Prime
Minister Ara Haroutyunyan, we discussed the problem of the country’s

What does recognition mean in general? What elements does it consist

There are different levels of recognition, especially when the
conversation goes around the recognition of the second Armenian state
and not some other country.

The Prime Minister believes that as far as this issue is concerned, we
still have to undertake certain steps which, unfortunately, have not
been carried out yet. The relations between the RA and NKR executive
powers have not yet been regulated or coordinated mutually. Whereas
we do not conceal the fact that the State Budget of Armenia envisages
both loan programs and other projects aimed at the development of
the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

The thing is that we currently have two Armenian states, one of them
being recognized and the other – unrecognized. And under international
law, there are no obstacles to the regulation and development of
such relations.

It is a rich field of unused potentials, and we act there as fearful

The new Prime Minister, a young man full of energy and enthusiasm,
is simply astonished that up to now, there haven’t been any regulated
forms and approaches within the frameworks of which the Governments
of Armenia and Karabakh could cooperate. And what prevents us from
introducing bilateral programs where the role of Karabakh will
be clearly visible, and it will be obvious what benefits the NKR
development may bring to Armenia.

In particular, the conversation is about the problem of wheat
products. The resources of Karabakh allow for producing and having
wheat and other agricultural products in large volumes. But the NKR
currently uses no more than 25 percent of its potentials, whereas in
case of realizing those resources to a full extent, Karabakh might
make its contribution to Armenia.

That is, the NK leadership is in favor of cooperation and mutually
beneficial programs rather than unilateral assistance by Armenia,
which sometimes gives rise to various interpretations."

"What considerations does Karabakh have in connection with
strengthening the RA-NKR relations by a treaty?"

"We have discussed the issue particularly during the meeting with
the President. Of course, the additional opportunities deriving
from a treaty on military cooperation were touched upon. But why a
military treaty? The question was raised by Bako Sahakyan himself. What
prevents us from having treaties in other spheres as well? It was my
first meeting with Bako Sahakyan in the status of the NKR President,
and I must say with satisfaction that he has an in-depth knowledge,
long-range programs and proposals in connection with those issues.

The second Armenian state which will soon become 17 years old is
a full subject of international law, but it is not a subject of the
international community. This is a political category, and a political
category always consist of many layers and gives way to willful
interpretations more than does a legal category. In this respect, I
believe, Armenia should have recognized the legitimacy of the Nagorno
Karabakh Republic. And I raised the issue in Karabakh once again.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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