Genocide Day in UK and in Wales

Genocide Day Press Release(UK)
Wales-Armenia Solidarity
Contact: E. Williams
Cardiff, Wales
Tel: 07870267447
Email: [email protected]

Armenian and Assyrian groups have
collaborated in an unprecedented joint conference in the House of
Commons, London on Genocide Day. There is also Kurdish participation.
Any messages to the Conference from organisations or individuals are
most welcome to [email protected] The speeches and some
messages will be published and sent to Members of Parliament
Armenian Solidarity with the Victims of All Genocides (ASVAG)

c/o The Temple of Peace, Cardiff

[email protected], Tel: 07718982732

and Nor Serount Cultural Association

supported by

The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

The European NGO: "Working Group Recognition – Against Genocide, for
International Understanding",

The Seyfo Centre,

The Aegis Trust and The Genocide Prevention All-Party Parliamentary

invite you to an


Sponsored and chaired by Andrew George M.P.

in The Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons, London

on Thursday, 24th April (Armenian Genocide Day) at 11 a.m. till 1.00

The following questions will be addressed:

Is Reconciliation possible after Genocide? Is denial of truth any
basis for Reconciliation?

Taking the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek and Kurdish examples: Does the UK
government hinder the process of reconciliation by its one-sided
pro-Turkish government stance?

Will the planned state visit by HM the Queen to Turkey in May be a seal
of approval on the Turkish government’s distortion of the truth of the
genocide, and the continuing cultural genocide in Turkey?


"The Psychological Effects of Genocide Denial" – By Ruth Barnett

"The Comparative Aftermath of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide" –
By Gregory Topalian

"The Assyrian/Aramean Perspective" – By Sabri Atman, The Seyfo Centre,

"International Law and the Genocide" Sars Aziz, The Seyfo Centre

"The Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Kurdish and ‘Other’ Genocides: The
Politics of Genocide Recognition and Denialism" – By Desmond Fernandes

"A bird’s-eye-view on the phenomena of Genocide and the Armenian
Experience of it" – Professor Khatchatur I. Pilikian.

For further information, contact Eilian Williams on: 0771 8982 732 or
[email protected]

There is also organised an event in Cardiff, Wales. We hope that the
Monument which was desecrated on Holocaust Memorial Day may be repaired
in time

Genocide Day in Wales (thursday 24th april 2008)

You are warmly invited to

1 A Commemoration of the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide (in
solidarity with the victims of all other Crimes against Humanity)

at 5.15 p.m. on 24th april 2008

A Wreath-laying and prayer at the Genocide Monument,
in the back garden(North Road side), the Temple of Peace,Cardiff

2 The following lecture:
The Seyfo Centre
supported by
the Welsh Centre for International Affairs,
United Nations Wales Association
Armenia Solidarity

invite you to a lecture on:

The 1915 Assyrian Genocide and its implications for today

Speaker : Mr Sabri Atman, director of the Seyfo Centre

at 5.30 p.m.

in the upstairs Council Chamber,
The Temple of Peace, King Edward viii Ave, Cathays Park, Cardiff, Wales
CF10 3AP
More info: 07718982732

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