Armenian Official Denies Regional TV Station’s Equipment Dismantled


April 17 2008

Yerevan, 17 April: Chief Officer of Justice of Armenia Gagik Ayvazyan
has denied the statements that yesterday his employees dismantled
the broadcasting equipment of Gyumri’s Gala TV channel, as a result
of which it was deprived of the opportunity to broadcast.

Commenting at the request of Mediamax today on the situation
surrounding Gala, Gagik Ayvazyan noted that, based on the order of the
Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Region, officers of justice
have the right to dismantle the antenna, however, this was not done –
the officers limited themselves only to a warning disconnection.

Gagik Ayvazyan stated that the antenna of Gyumri’s Gala TV channel
is still on the television tower of Gyumri and the TV channel will
be able to legally start broadcasting again if the legal proceedings
initiated into this case are halted.

Earlier this month, the Court of Appeal of Armenia upheld the decision
of the Gyumri court of first instance, which required the Gala TV
channel to remove its equipment from the old television tower. The
tower is the property of the Gyumri city administration.

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