BAKU: Yulia Timoshenko: "Ukraine Supports Territorial Integrity Of N


Azeri Press Agency
April 16 2008

Strasbourg. Fuad Gulubeyli-APA. "Ukraine is closely interested in the
solution of frozen conflicts", said Yulia Timoshenko, Prime Minister
of Ukraine in her address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council
of Europe (PACE), APA European Bureau reports.

She said one of the issue laid ahead of Ukraine was diversification
of energy sources and it made Ukraine to closely cooperate with the
countries of natural fuel resources. "It is important issue for both
Ukraine and European Union". Responding the Armenian parliamentarian
Vaan Ovannisyan’s question about Ukraine’s non-recognition of Kosovo
independence, Timoshenko said it was corresponding with the foreign
policy of her country. "There are several countries near abroad Ukraine
is closely cooperating with and their territorial integrity problems
has not been solved yet and territorial integrity of these countries
are under the big risk. For that Ukraine would like to know at first,
is Kosovo unique and only or it will turn into precedent for entire
world? Ukraine will pass decision on the basis of its policy as long
as the international community does not reach complete and exact
opinion on Kosovo issue. We are conducting now all-round diplomatic
dialogue and will respond this important question when questions on
Kosovo will be responded as well". Speaking about the role of Ukraine
in the influential international organizations like GUAM and BSECO,
Timoshenko said her country put forward successful policy toward both
directions. "The Government of Ukraine together with the Parliament
has ratified the GUAM Charter and it was one of the important steps
toward the cooperation within GUAM. We are searching now for the
new ways of cooperation with this organization and we will always
support the GUAM’s activity. Regarding to the frozen conflicts, we
follow the policy to support territorial integrity of our neighbors
as soon as possible.

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