Kocharian Thanks Armenians For Support


Interfax News Agency
April 8 2008

YEREVAN, April 8 (Interfax) Armenian President Robert Kocharian,
whose term in office expires on April 9, has thanked Armenians for
supporting him.

"I thank every citizen, who made even the smallest contribution to the
development of the country. I am thankful to diasporas for backing
all my initiatives," Kocharian said in an televised address to the
nation on Tuesday.

"I did everything possible, everything I was able to do. In any case,
I fulfilled all my electoral pledges," Kocharian said.

"I beg my pardon to all whose life did not improve in these years,
whose expectations were not met and whose dreams did not come true,"
the president said.

"I believe in the future of Armenia and the spiritual might of our
people. I believe that a stable, secure and prosperous Armenia is
near," Kocharian said.

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