The Armenia Fund Upgrades Yerevan Nork Infectious And Kanaker-Zeitun

09.04.2008 11:08

The Armenia Fund is announces the completion of its renovation
projects at the Nork Infectious hospital and Kanaker-Zeitun Medical
Center in Yerevan.

The Fund has long acquired a reputation for its commitment to doing
several projects in succession in one establishment, once it has
embarked on one; the projects being based either on the project
proposal from the beneficiary or the wish of the donor. Thus, four
renovation projects were carried out at the Nork Infectious hospital
and three at the Kanaker-Zeitun medical center.

At the beginning of April 2008, renovation of the third and
fourth floors of the four-storied building, the roof, as well as
construction of a boiler to support heating at the Nork hospital were
accomplished. The whole project with the budget of around 62,973,482
AMD was implemented thanks to the generous funding by the Armenia
Fund Brazilian local committee.

Renovation activities at the Nork hospital for 2005-2007 comprised
renovation of the roof, ICU (intensive care unit), pediatric
department of infectious diseases, located accordingly on the first
and second floors of the hospital. The project with the total cost
of 59,112,497 AMD was sponsored through the Armenia Fund Brazilian
local committee. Subsequently, the embassy of Brazil in Yerevan
and the Armenia Fund, with the support of the Armenian Diaspora in
Brazil, funded the two-storied building’s heating system through the
construction of a boiler house.

Ara Asoyan, chief infectiologist of the Nork hospital warmly thanked
the Armenia Fund for the thorough work carried out at the hospital and
emphasized the need for adequate clinics and hospitals to support
public health in the country. "We are grateful to the Fund and
our friends in Brazil for what they have done for the hospital. In
particular, we appreciate the way with which the specific needs of the
hospital were considered and taken care of. Good conditions are an
important part of patients’ recovery; however, we should not forget
that they also inspire the medical staff to perform to the best of
their abilities" said Mr.

Asoyan. According to the chief infectiologist the hospital has
constructed a gas distribution substation which will support the
boiler’s work.

The Armenia Fund Executive Director Vahe Aghabegians was pleased with
the quality of the work done. "The need for good quality healthcare is
a universal issue in Armenia, as it is elsewhere. A number of health
institutions in Yerevan are still falling short of modern standards
and the Armenia Fund’s support is critical in the capital as it is
in the regions," Mr. Aghabegians said.

"Thanks to proper heating in the wards, our patients have been
receiving appropriate medical service in the last year and a half,"
pointed out Mr. Zardaryan, deputy head of the hospital. According to
him, 273 patients in the ICU and 681 in the Pediatric Infectious Unit
received treatment in 2007.

The most recent renovation project at Kanaker-Zeitun Medical Center
was funded mainly through the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Great Britain
local committee, with a contribution of 8,345,400 AMD towards the
total cost.

Three rooms of the Diagnostics Unit were reconstructed and refurbished
using a donation from Hagop and Sirvart Haroutounian, as well as a
donation in memory of the late Nishan Ohanian. The high standard of
hygiene in these rooms, which now meets Health and Safety standards,
is a far cry from the derelict and crumbling rooms that served no
purpose. Hasmik Margaryan, the head of the department summarised her
assessment of the new conditions saying, "The layout and finished
look of the rooms matters a great deal."

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Great Britain local committee has
also financed three wards in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Unit of the Kanaker-Zeitun Medical Center (2004-2005), in memory of
the late Hagop Klenjian, as well as reconstruction of the Paediatric
and Gynaecological operating rooms and Post-anaesthesia Recovery Units
(2005-2007) in memory of the late Alice Margossian.

"Health care is a priority area for the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
Great Britain local committee. During these past few years many
families have approached us wanting to donate money for reconstruction
of hospitals and clinics in memory of a late family member. It is
not unusual at all to have one project following another in the
same institution, and this is the case with this medical center,"
says Armineh Carapeti, Chairperson of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
Great Britain local committee.

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