UN Vote Outcomes Prove Baku’s Defective Position In Karabakh Issue


08.04.2008 16:45 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Russia, U.S. and France’s opposition to the
Azerbaijan-initiated UN resolution along with 100 abstentions testifies
of inadmissibility of violation of the fundamental principles and
norms of the international law, said Major General Hayk Kotanjian,
Head of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, Advisor to the
Minister of Defense of Armenia.

"Azerbaijan and its 37 supporters were taught a good lesson. Documents
conflicting with international norms, like unilateral mention of
territorial integrity and complete neglect of the right of peoples
to self-determination (which is fixed by the UN regulations as one
of its fundamental goals), can’t be admitted by the United Nations
Organization," he said.

The Major General noted that the results of the vote convey an
important message about inadmissibility of adoption of resolutions
violating the UN regulations and its major goals – maintenance of
peace and international security.

"The vote result is the evidence of Baku’s defective position
on the Karabakh settlement. Imposition of counterproductive
model of Karabakh conflict resolution in the framework of what
Azerbaijan calls "territorial integrity" puts the UN in an awkward
position. Opposition of the world powers confirmed the UN mission of
preserving international peace."

"Neglect of UN imperatives, exceeding of CFE armament norms and
increasing militaristic rhetoric by Azerbaijan signalize of the threat
to peace in the Black Sea basin. Russia, U.S. and France alerted the
international community about Baku’s intention to wage a new war
in the region," he said, adding that the OSCE Minsk Group has not
exhausted its potential yet, the RA MoD press office reported.

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