Armenia: Eurovision 2008 Stars Shine At The Tashir Awards

April 7 2008

The Armenian Music Awards known as the Tashir Awards were held today
where 3 of this year’s Eurovision acts made an appearance and performed
their respective Eurovision entries. Dima Bilan from Russia and Diana
Ghurtskaya from Georgia joined Sirusho from Armenia on stage.

The Armenian 2008 Eurovision representative Sirusho appeared in a pink
flary dress on stage and was flanked by a group of dancers dressed in
traditional Armenian black outfits. She gave an outstanding performance
of her song Qele Qele with a dazzling effect!

Dashing Dima Bilan who will be representing Russia for the 2nd time
at the Eurovision Song Contest sang his entry Believe, he was backed
by a group of male dancers behind him, druing his performance. Diana
Ghurstkaya who will be Georgia’s 2nd Eurovision representative looked
radiant in a black dress while she appeared solo to perform her song
Peace will come.

Sirusho received a great ovation from the audience after the
performance of the 2008 Armenian entry Qele Qele and was presented
by many bouquets of flowers.

Below you can watch the Russian, Georgian and Armenian representatives
at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest attending the Tashir Awards gala:

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