"I Don’t Want To Be Engaged In Politics"


[07:03 pm] 01 April, 2008

IBF World Champion Vakhtang Darchinyan is in Armenia preparing for
the fight with Russian boxer Dmitri Kirilov due on June 7.

"I have more than two months to prepare, so I decided to spend the
first month practicing in Armenia. Here I will try to improve only my
physical state. The sparring competitions will be held in Australia",
said Vakhtang Darchinyan at today’s press conference.

Coach Vazgen Badalyan who trained Darchinyan when the latter was
still an amateur boxer, has been operated on and cannot train the
boxer. "I feel I have been losing my technique, so I decided to turn
to my former coach."

Taking into considersation Badalyan’s poor health, Vic is presently
trained by Karen Aghamalyan. "His style is like that of Badalyan’s. In
case I get displeased, I’ll go back to Australia", says Vic.

Before the February 19 presidential election in Armenia, there had been
rumours that Vakhtang Darchinyan seconded Serzh Sarkissian. During
today’s press conference Vic declined to answer if the announcement
had been authored by him. "My announcement was a different one. When
I last came to Armenia Serzh Sarkissian invited me to Dilijan where I
was hospitably met. But I don’t want to be engaged in politics. I’ll
always support the one my country votes for."

Darchinyan’s aim is to become a champion under all 4 versions. "I’d
also like to change my weight to a rank higher and become a champion
in that category. In that case I’ll be able to become a champion
of Australia."

At the end Darchinyan told an April 1 anecdote: "Why does a boxer
drive so fast? -In order to forget where he is going."

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