Anahit Bakhshyan Went To Church?


31 March, 2008

The Zharangutiun (Heritage) Party will give its evaluation of the
home political developments and the newly-formed four-fold coalition
at its upcoming sitting.

"I am not authorized to make declarations until this issue is
discussed. I can say one thing for sure; the party is likely to hold
a sitting in the nearest future as it’s extremely hard to work in
the National assembly, being an opposition of seven and facing the
vast majority of the rest of the Parliament", said the member of the
Heritage parliamentary faction, Stepan Safarian. He added that the
propositions of the party, even the non-political ones, are confronted
by the parliamentary majority in the NA.

Referring to the possible parliamentary boycott, he noted that "there
are some tactical and strategic points to be discussed" "I don’t want
to exclude anything. Still we don’t think that a boycott will provide
great achievements," he said.

Heritage members are due to meet with the Ago monitoring group
delegation on April 1. "At the meeting we shall find out the purpose
of their mission and specify what they are going to hear from us,"
Mr. Safarian says.

He underscored their announcements and stance of the March 1 events,
especially the case of the disputed police car which ran through
the bulk of people near the French Embassy. He accused the state
authorities, particularly the Office of the Prosecutor General and
the state mass media, namely "Haylur" news program, of the distorted
information they gave on the testimonies given by him and another
Heritage member," Anahit Bakhshian.

"They say we made some statements, which we then rejected. There were
no ungrounded "statements", it was a legal inquiry", said Mr. Safarian.

"To crown it all, "Haylur" presented the examination of Anahit
Bakhshian as a "confession". She didn’t go to church to make
confessions, nor did she commit a crime", he noted.

"I don’t know whether that’s just the restrained situation or there
is a tendency to denigrate our party", he added.