Authorities Must Mull Over People’s Dissatisfaction

Anahit Yesayan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
March 26, 2008

Interview with the speaker of ARFD Armenian Supreme Body Spartak

"Was it intentional or accidental that the agreement on the formation
of quadrilateral coalition was signed together with the elimination
of the state of emergency?"

"In my view it was an attempt to combine the approaches of four
political powers in one joint program. And in this sense, I think there
was a symbol in signing the agreement on the day of the elimination
of the state of emergency.

I don’t share the idea, saying that this agreement solves the internal
political problem in Armenia. But it was evidently emphasized in the
agreement which problems are important for the four political powers
and their supporters.

"We already have the experience of the formation of coalition and ARFD
has already been part of coalition government. What is the difference
between this agreement and the previous one can we consider it a
progressive step?"

"The issues included in this coalition agreement is already a step
forward. As compared to the previous two documents this one covers
bigger working spheres. The previous agreements were more political
economic documents, and the agreement signed recently is a more
social-political document. Which means the primary problems included
in this document are different from the previous ones.

Life showed that we seem to have found the best mechanisms to
solve social-economic issues. Of course we disapprove of the tempo
and certain failings, but we must accept that we already have the
key-solutions and very soon we will probably find the key to the
solution of social-political issues.

And what is more important, in the agenda of the social-political
issues included in this document it is over again underscored that
the only way to the solution of the social-political problems faced
by our people is the social dialogue and the social agreement. And it
is not accidental that this government can be considered a government
of agreement."

"Criticizing the policy of the former and the ruling authorities,
during the whole period of the pre-election campaign, does ARFD
support quadrilateral coalition?"

"The thing is, each political power brought the issues, they found
important, to this document. It is a coalition of agreement, also
because it is the joint program of four political powers, including
Dashnaktsutyun’s concerns. In essence, here you can see all the
main theses and the priorities we advanced during the pre-election

"Which are those problems?"

"First of all the future democratization of society, the problem of
the separation of the branches of authorities, eradication of the
atmosphere of impunity, and what is most important the maintenance
of the national strategic course of the development of our state.

The authorities must mull over the people’s disapproval, only in this
case will the country be able to overcome all the difficulties and
to develop. Or else, others will start solving our problems.

If it is the constructive opposition, which can influence
the authorities, then it is a natural and good phenomenon. But
unfortunately, in our reality those who decided to take care of the
people, tried to move the country towards another path.

The contents of this coalition agreement give ground to believe that
the authorities have the desire to take care of the country.

We didn’t discuss the issue of the positions during the
discussions. All the four political powers are well conscious that the
inventory of the problems faced by the country, the clarification of
the methods to solve those problems is much more important, than the
people who must head these processes. If we fail to perform swift and
profound reforms people will lose their trust towards the coalition
government, today we have time to gain this trust."

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