Armenian Community Of USA Protesting Against Actions By Diplomatic R


2008-03-21 12:08:00

ArmInfo. The Armenian-American community stands united in rejecting
recent attempts by Azerbaijan’s representatives in the United
States to exploit the recent tensions in Armenia to misrepresent our
community; anything less tan fully committed and forever devoted to
the independence, security, and growth of the Republic of Armenia
and Nagorno Karabakh, says the statement by the Armenian-American
community received by ArmInfo.

‘Recent statements y Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles,
Elin Suleymanov, represent an unprofessional and cynical, but
ultimately fruitless, effort to play divide-and-conquer politics
among Armenians both within the homeland and among the Diaspora. His
comments intentionally misinterpret a diversity of opinion among
Armenians regarding issues of governance within the motherland as a
lack of resolve to vigorously assert our rights, defend our common
interest, and protect our hard-fought freedom.

Having lost, in the international court of public opinion on historical
and legal grounds, and already having proven themselves incapable
on the battlefield of imposing a military solution, Mr. Suleymanov
and his government are now resorting to irresponsible and incendiary
tactics that seem to serve no other purpose than to incite domestic
support for their corrupt and increasingly unpopular regime in the
run-up to this year’s Azerbaijani elections.

In the past, we have stood together in defending ourselves against
Azerbaijan’s war of aggression. Today, more determined than ever
we will continue to work together to further strengthen Nogorno
Karabakh’s statehood, and are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with
our brothers and sisters in Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and worldwide
in collectively responding to any threat against the Armenian people’,
the statements says.

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