To Be Subjected To Criminal Liability


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
March 19, 2008

"I am sure that democracy will not suffer as a result of adopting a
law on ‘Holding Gatherings, Demonstrations, Marches and Rallies’, and
the imminent dangers to the state and the people will be essentially

However, there are still certain fears, because holding the pipe in
his mouth, the organizer of the March 1 events continues insisting
cynically that he is the elected president. And he does so without

As long as he continues to cheat the people that he has received 65
percent of votes, there’s no guarantee that he won’t push them to
provocative actions in future. And the fact that he is the organizer
is confirmed by the case investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office. He
gave direct instructions to the participants of the demonstration to
strengthen their positions in the neighborhood of the French Embassy.

I think it is also necessary to subject him, the organizer of the
events, to criminal liability in order to prevent such developments
in the near future.

Of course, there are certain international forces that are trying to
prevent the factor of subjecting him to criminal liability although
they wouldn’t tolerate anything of the kind in their countries. We
too, must prevent our country from becoming a ‘guinea pig’ for them
or submitting to their coercions," RAFIK PETROSYAN is convinced.