NKR FM: ‘Azerbaijan Tries To Present Its Defeat As Moral Victory’


2008-03-19 10:53:00

ArmInfo. ‘As a result of discussions in UN, Azerbaijan suffered
the next defeat in fact, though it tries to present it to its own
people as a moral victory. I think that an extraordinary event took
place: despite OSCE MG warnings that a one- sided document cannot
be presented to UN, Azerbaijan did it. 39 countries voted for the
Resolution and about 150 countries (among which EU countries are) were
either against or abstained from voting. OSCE MG cochair-countries
also voted against. I think that Azerbaijan was clearly signaled that
the methods of unilateral pressure will not do>, NKR Foreign Minister
Georgy Petrosyan said, when commenting on adoption of the Resolution
on Nagorno Karabakh by UN General Assembly to the "Azat Artsakh"
republican newspaper, ArmInfo special correspondent in Stepanakert

G. Petrosyan said that "Azerbaijan has proved once again that it
is against peaceful settlement and advocates force method of the
problem solution". He also said that Baku "is seriously concerned over
recognition of Kosovo independence by a number of countries and it
tires to prove, first of all, to its people and the world community,
that Kosovo is not a precedent for Karabakh, ignoring the fact that
the negotiating process, the key principle of which is our status, has
been underway for many years already" Asked is Azerbaijan’s initiative
to UN connected with intensification of the NKR and Azerbaijani Armed
Forces on the contact line, G. Petrosyan replied: "It has shown once
again what task was fulfilled by Azerbaijani authorities – discredit
Karabakh by attack, gain a moral victory, put pressure on the world
community through UN. In fact, the tasks turned out to be unfulfilled.

Moreover, it has become a greater strike for Baku".

The minister did not rule out that Azerbaijan will support tension to
solve the internal political problems. "We undertake adequate steps,
informing OSCE MG cochairmen. And, as it was noted in the Foreign
Ministry’s special statement, we expect that the OSCE will give
a political assessment to these events. I think that the visit of
Andrzej Kasprzyk to the contact line will give grounds for objective
assessments. This incident was extraordinary. We have clearly claimed
that if OSCE does not give a political assessment to these events,
it will encourage Azerbaijan to be more free in its ambitions",
G. Petrosyan said.