Ruben Safrastyan: Armenia Should Not Rush To Recognize Kosovo’s Inde

17.03.2008 17:45

"The Turkish diplomacy did not conceal its joy and satisfaction
on the occasion of proclamation of Kosovo’s independence. Why did
it have to conceal? In fact, a Muslim country is being formed in
the Balkans, which falls in the framework of common interests of
Turkey," Turkologist, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute
Ruben Safrastyan told a press conference today.

The Turkologist considers Kosovo a precedent from the point of
view of both international law and interpretation of international
law. Nevertheless, he notes that Kosovo greatly differs from Nagorno
Karabakh. Therefore, Armenia should lead a very cautious policy and
not rush to recognize the independence of Kosovo. Besides, it is
necessary to take into consideration Russia’s factor. Regarding this,
Ruben Safrastyan considers that official Yerevan’s position not to
recognize Kosovo in the near future is correct.

It’s worth mentioning that Kosovo’s independence was not recognized by
those countries which have the problem of defending their territorial
integrity. Contrary to that, the interested countries, including
Turkey, hurried to recognize its independence. Turkey recognized
Kosovo’s independence, hoping to reinforce the bases of recognition
of the Northern Cyprus, which became the reason of break of relations
between two friendly states.

Nevertheless, Safrastyan considers that expecting aggravation of
relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey because of recognition
of Kosovo’s independence is incorrect. When assessing the
Turkish-Azerbaijani relations, the Turkologist underlined that it is
necessary to take into consideration that Turkey never subjects its
interests to the interests of others.

"Turkey is a full-fledged, powerful country and it will never subject
its interests to the interests of Azerbaijan. And Azerbaijan has to
reckon with it.