BAKU: Azerbaijan critical of mediators’ stance on new UN resolution

Day.Az, Azerbaijan
March 15 2008


The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has voiced its indignation at the
fact that the countries co-chairing the OSCE MinskGroup voted against
the Azeri-sponsored resolution on the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict at
the UN General Assembly.

"We were surprised and indignant at the position by the co-chairing
countries that did not vote for theresolution whereas its wording was
drawn up on the basis of the conflict settlement concept that they
have offered us onmany occasions," the website quoted the
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement.

The ministry adds that Azerbaijan took into consideration the
co-chairs’ support for the principle ofterritorial integrity and
hopes that they will adhere to their statement. At the same time, the
ministry expressed itshope that working on the basic principles of
the Karabakh settlement, the co-chairs will take into consideration
theposition of the world community that is reflected in the

The ministry expressed Azerbaijan’s gratitude to the countries that
voted to back the resolution, stressing thatthe country will never
forget this support.

The statement goes on to say that Azerbaijan will not forget the
countries that failed to support the resolutionwhich is described as
being important for the entire world community. "We understand that
pressure was exerted onthe countries which preferred abstaining from
voting or this was due to their remote location," the statementsays.

The ministry says that the UN resolution ensures the right of the
Nagornyy Karabakh population to self-governmentwithin Azerbaijan, as
well as the right of displaced persons to return to their homeland,
and demands that the occupyingtroops withdraw from the occupied
territories of Azerbaijan.

"According to the resolution, Armenia and the countries behind it
should understand that the conflict can beresolved only on the basis
of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity," the ministry said in its