OSCE MG: UN Res on NK by does not reflect all approaches to conflict

OSCE MG Co-chairs say resolution on Nagorny Karabakh initiated by
Azerbaijan does not reflect all approaches to Karabakh conflict

2008-03-15 13:43:00

ArmInfo. Speaking on behalf of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, US
representative Alexandro Wolf said that the Russian Federation, France,
and the United States of America, as the Co-Chair countries of the
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Minsk Group do
not support the resolution of nagorny Karabakh initiated by Azerbaijan,
UN official web-site reports.

The Co-chairs say the resolution on Nagorny Karabakh initiated by
Azerbaijan does not reflect all the approaches to Karabakh conflict
settlement submitted by the Minsk Group as ‘a balanced package’ in
2007. A. Wolf said that unfortunately, the resolution reflects just
part of these principles and omits the other part. In connection with
such a selective approach, the three OSCE MG co-chair countries have to
oppose that unilateral document, A. Wolf said. Nevertheless, On Friday
March 14, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a draft
resolution introduced by Azerbaijan.

The OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair countries – US, France and the Russian
Federation – voted against the resolution as did Armenia and a few
other countries. Over 150 countries abstained or did not vote. Only 39
countries supported the resolution. As the UN official site reports,
the Resolution expresses a serious concern over the fact that the armed
conflict in the Azerbaijani Republic’s Nagorno Karabakh region and
around it keeps on threating the international world and security and
negatively affects the umanitarian situation in the South Caucasus
countries. The General Assembly calls on the member-states to respect
and support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan
within its internationally-recognized borders. The General Assembly
claims once again that no state should recognize the situation,
developed as a result of occupation of AR territories, legal and should
not contribute to or promote preservation of this situation, the
Resolution reads. It emphasizes the necessity of immediate, complete
and unconditional withdrawal of all the Armenian forces from all the
occupied territories of Azerbaijani Republic. The Resolution confirms
the unalienable right of the population, expelled from the occupied
territories of AR, for return to their houses and emphasizes the
necessity of creating appropriate conditions for this return, including
an overall rehabilitation of the territories, suffered from the
conflict. The Resolution was passed within the frames of the similar
item on the agenda of the 62nd session of UN General Assembly.

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