NA president: "Foreign announcements do not correspond …"

From: Sebouh Z Tashjian <[email protected]>
Subject: NA president: "Foreign announcements do not correspond …"

16:16 15/03/2008


The other day the president of the National Assembly
Tigran Torosyan received Thomas Hammarberg the
chairman of Council of Europe on human rights.
According to the NA official website, Boiana Urumova,
the special representative of the CE chief secretary
was also present at the meeting. Torosyan said that
the visit of the human rights chairman is an ideal
variant to check and verify the reality as many
agencies present quite different things.

The president of the NA mentioned that the measures
were taken in line with the Constitution and Human
Rights European convention. He added that the
principles of the state of emergency are softened.

As for the announcements made in those recent days,
Torosyan called them as not appropriate or not
correspondent, particularly when it is said that the
arrested should be set free and the dialogue should be
started with Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Thomas Hammaberg mentioned that he has already
prepared and the Government was introduced to the
report on the human rights. He agreed with the
president of the NA that the international
organization should be very attentive with giving
evaluation not to strain the situation. He was content
that the president of the RA softened the principles
of the state of emergency concerning the media limits.